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Why We Love Brian Tracy, Personal Development Legend

19 Feb 2017

One of our favourite personal development people is, without a doubt, Brian Tracy.  

Brian is not one of your brash young vloggers who have commandeered the YouTube channels with their views about life. On the contrary, Brian is now 75.

But, in our view, he still has an amazing youthful enthusiasm for bringing his personal development insights to the world through his seminars and conferences, his speaking engagements, his books, and his YouTube channels.

This week, we came across a new (to us) YouTube video that Brian posted in August 2015 on 15 ways to start a speech or presentation and we love it.

When you watch the video, you'll learn in 2 ways. First, by the ease with which Brian speaks direct to you and secondly by the ideas he puts across.

On the first point, here are 5 lessons you can learn from Brian's speaking style.

  1. He looks the part. I don't think I can recall any picture or video of Brian when he hasn't looked well-groomed, well-dressed, and perfectly presented.
  2. He is poised and relaxed. He doesn't shuffle, fidget or move around. He has the ideal presentational posture.
  3. He speaks direct to camera, giving eye contact to the viewer for around 90% of the time.
  4. His gestures support what he says. OK, some of them are a bit odd but they are still controlled and meaningful.
  5. He runs the gamut of facial expressions as he speaks. You believe he is holding a one-to-one conversation just with you.

On the second point, Brian's 15 suggestions on how to start a presentation are all gems, as you would expect from a man who has given 5000 talks to more than 5 million people world-wide.

Here's a summary of those 15 ideas on how to start a presentation:

  1. Thank the Organizers and Audience
  2. Start with a Positive Statement
  3. Compliment the Audience
  4. Start Your Speech by Referring to Current Events
  5. Refer to a Historical Event
  6. Refer to a Well-Known Person
  7. Refer to a Recent Conversation
  8. Make a Shocking Statement
  9. Quote from Recent Research
  10. Start Your Speech by Giving them Hope
  11. Be Entertaining
  12. Ask a Question
  13. Open with a Problem
  14. Make a Strong Statement, Then Ask a Question
  15. Tell a Story

So, if you're due to make a speech or presentation, and you're stuck on how to kick it off, as well as how to look, you can't do better than take 5 minutes to watch Brian's video.

And here it is...


(Attribution: This YouTube video was posted by Brian Tracy's Success Channel. To see the video on YouTube, right click the video and select Copy Video URL. The top picture is taken from pixabay here.)