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Top 5 FAQs on Slide Topics

13 Feb 2017

SlideTopics has been designed to be pretty well easy to follow and self-explanatory.

However, for new users, (welcome to you all!), we thought that you might need some clarification on one or two issues.

So, here are 5 questions that we've already been asked a few times along with our (hopefully, self-explanatory) answers.


Question 1: Is SlideTopics aimed at individual learners or corporate learners?

Our answer: Both.


Question 2: Is SlideTopics best viewed on a laptop or a mobile?

Our answer: Either. If you're on your own, we think the slides look best minimised or on a mobile. If you're using the slides with a group, say on a course or team meeting, then the slides look best projected from a laptop and maximised.


Question 3: After downloading a SlideTopics PowerPoint slide on a purchase or subscription, can we freely modify it and use our own brand name and logo?

Our answer: Yes. With a SlideTopics subscription, you can do anything you want when you download the PowerPoint, except re-sell the slides under your own name.


Question 4: If I subscribe to SlideTopics as a corporate user, can I allow others in my organisation to use my account for access to the site?

Our answer: No. Accounts may only be used by the account holder. You cannot allow others to use your account details for access to their subscription. However, if you wish to use SlideTopics slides as presentations to others, that's one of the main reasons for subscribing and we couldn't be happier.


Question 5: If we want to advertise on SlideTopics, how do we go about it?

Our answer: Let us know from our Contact Us page. We're open to a range of advertisement options, including guest promotion articles and slide advertisements inserted into one or many preview slides. Find out more about this option here.


If you have any other questions that we haven't covered above or on the site, use our Contact Us page here.

Sideline: We've used the FAQs image at the top of this page from flickr. It was posted by Steve Mueller who runs the amazing Planet of Success website. Steve says on flickr that you're free to use the image in whatever way you want and he would be very grateful for a credit link to www.planetofsuccess.com/blog/. Consider it done, Steve, and thanks!