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20 Power Tips To Succeed in Tele-sales

02 Feb 2017

We continue our launch-week blogs by telling you about a new presentation in a brand new category that we have added to the site today.

It's called "My First Week in Telesales" and consists of 20 slides each of which offers a powerful tip on how to be a successful call centre operative. Be one of the first to view it here.

"My First Week in Telesales" is the first in a new series that we call "Power Tips". This is the 5th programme on SlideTopics and we believe will become as firm a favourite with you as the other four programmes.

For those who are new to SlideTopics, the other 4 programmes are as follows: The Professional Development Programme; the 1 to 1000 Quiz series; Power Pix; and Power Quotes.

  1. At present, the Professional Development Programme has 100 slides in it covering areas such as Appraisal Skills, Communications, and Time Management.
  2. The "1 to 1000" Quiz series has 10 presentations each with 100 quiz slides each, making 1000 quiz questions in total. These are general knowledge questions based on a link with their 1 to 1000 number.
  3. The Power Pix programme has 91 slide presentations covering some of the best images around that we have selected for you to use in your own work. They are all available for you to use at no cost, including any commercial work you do.
  4. The Power Quotes series has 54 slides in it at present bringing you the best and most thought-provoking advice on management, leadership, and personal development skills.

Over the next weeks and months, we will be adding new presentations to each of these programmes. In this way, we'll turn SlideTopics into the best website in the world for informative, educational, and stunning-to-look-at presentations.

We'd love to have you with us!