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"SlideTopics: A Great Research and Development Tool!"

01 Feb 2017

At our launch day yesterday, (Tuesday 31st January 2017), we had a total of 257 slide topics on the site and an enormous 7723 slide pages.

In case you're new to SlideTopics, a slide topic is a presentation which you can download as both an editable PowerPoint file and also as a pdf file. A slide topic may be made up of anything from a couple of dozen slides to over 100.

Slide pages are all the slides that you have access to (topics x slides in the topic, OK?).

With a subscription to SlideTopics, you have free and unlimited access to every slidetopic and slide on the site.

This means not just a great library of fact-filled and media-rich pages but, with every editable slide, the chance to create your own presentations and e-learning programmes to suit your exact needs.

Which makes SlideTopics one of the best research and development resources around!

(Image provided under Creative Commons licence: https://pixabay.com/en/knowledge-book-library-glasses-1052014/)