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Getting Rid of Fear

22 Feb 2017

If you're familiar with the personal development material on Slide Topics, you'll know that we're hugely committed to bringing you the very best of learning in the area of personal development.

For example, if you type, "Personal Development", into the Find Slides page search box, you'll find 60 different slides, including 30 in our Professional Development Programme. (Note: we're bringing you more every week so these numbers will increase rapidly.)

However, we always like to bring you new, groundbreaking, and thought-provoking material and that's why, today, we've added this blog on a YouTube video that we haven't seen before.

It comes from our friend, Eckhart Tolle whose book, "The Power of Now", has been a feature of our ManageTrainLearn site for many many years and can still be downloaded free from this link.

Eckhart's book describes how he himself faced depression and fear and, through surrender and presence, made a spiritual journey of personal development.

The video that we want to share with you deals with this theme but specifically in handling the destructive emotion of fear. It's in reply to a questioner asking Eckhart what he can do to quell almost never-ending fearful thoughts.

Many, many people have the same problem as this questioner, so, if, you too, want an insight into the meaning of surrender, presence, and the power of now, take a look at this short video. It's called, "Getting Rid of Fear".


Attribution: The YouTube video was posted by FilmBritt. To see the video on YouTube, right click the video and select Copy Video URL. The top picture is taken from pixabay here.