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Get the Secrets of One of the Top Companies in the World

21 Feb 2017

What would you say if I offered you the secrets of one of the top companies in the world?

A company that beats all its competitors hands-down.

A company that is greater than Apple and BP.

A company that has annual sales revenues of $260 billion.

A company that is still run by the family who founded it.

A company that was nearly bankrupt in the 1950's.

A company that spends $1 million every hour on research and development.

A company that operates in more countries than MacDonald's (170, to be precise).

Well, the chances are that you would offer a small fortune to know these secrets.

But, you don't need to do that, because we've put them together in the latest slide in our Power Tips series.

The company is Toyota. And the "tips" are the 14 principles of production and leadership that Toyota developed to reach the number one car-maker position in the world.

Toyota call them, the "Toyota Way" and they are the founding principles that all staff and managers follow in every part of the company.

As usual, you can see and download a free preview of "The Toyota Way" here.

If you subscribe to Slide Topics or purchase the full slide, who knows? With the full slide in your hands, you could be on your way to emulating the feats of Toyota.