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Do You Have What It Takes to be a Leader?

03 Feb 2017

Do You Have What It Takes?

Deepak Chopra has to be one of our favourite authors. His book, "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success", has been on our bookshelves for the best part of 20 years since it was first published in 1994. He has the unique gift of putting ideas about spirituality and ordinary life into expression in simple, clear, and thought-provoking ways. Plus, you can read books like "The Seven Spiritual Laws" in one go. Great for a trip lasting a couple of hours or so.

Deepak is also an inspiration when it comes to ideas such as leadership and in this blog we want to tell you about one of his YouTube videos that you must see if you haven't already.

It's called "Leadership: Do You Have What It Takes?" and is one of a series of videos that Deepak calls, "The Rabbit Hole". We're not sure why the collection is called this but Deepak explains it is because they are all fast-paced and mind-blowing explorations of big issues such as, What is death? What is God? and What is leadership?.

In "Leadership: Do You Have What It Takes?", Deepak contrasts false leaders who base their appeal on myth-making, personal charisma, and spin with true leaders who base their appeal on creativity, intelligence, organizing power, and love.

For Deepak, a true leader feels beneath no one, is immune to criticism and is the author of their own story. This story is aligned with their inner core self, which in turn is aligned with the greater collective of the people they serve. In this way, this form of true leadership is first a task of perceiving and listening and, only next, doing and achieving.

"Leadership: Do You Have What It Takes?" will take you just over 3 minutes to watch but it is beautifully-produced with stunning images and a dreamily-paced narrative from Deepak himself.

If you aspire to being a leader, whatever your role in life and work, this video should be an ever-present on your play list.

Now watch it yourself.


(Attribution: This YouTube video was posted by The Chopra Well channel. To see the video on YouTube, right click the video and select Copy Video URL. The top picture is taken from pixabay here.)