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About Slide Topics

10 Things You Might Not Know About Us

1.) Slide Topics was launched in 2015 to provide attractive online learning material using PowerPoint slides. Our aim is to give you high-quality skills that you can use in your everyday lives and become more effective and successful.

2.) The site is simple to use and navigate. It is designed by a great team at Way Fresh in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, to be accessible to anyone, whether using an Internet-enabled smartphone, tablet, or PC.

3.) Slide Topics is a sister site of Manage Train Learn which sells over 600 online products for managers, trainers, and learners at www.managetrainlearn.com. Slide Topics and Manage Train Learn are based in Northumberland in the UK.

4.) The parent company of Slide Topics and Manage Train Learn is KSA Training Ltd, a very successful management development company with over 20 years' experience of running classroom-based training programmes in the UK under the leadership of Managing Director, Eric Garner.

5.) Slide Topics uses a new approach to designing PowerPoint slides based on the "slidedocs" concept of design expert, Nancy Duarte.

6.) Nancy Duarte defines a slidedoc as, "a visual document intended to be read and referenced instead of projected. It is one of the most effective tools for communicating ideas quickly and establishing consensus."

7.) Slide Topics, like slidedocs, transforms PowerPoint from being a one-dimensional bullet-point application into a dynamic, visually-appealing, e-learning tool.

8.) Slide Topics is good news for PowerPoint users who are thought to number 500 million professionals worldwide (source: powerpointinfo.blogspot.com).

9.) It's also great news for PowerPoint audiences who are thought to sit through 30 million PowerPoint presentations every day (source: powerpointinfo.blogspot.com).

10.) And it's also fantastic news for business trainers and educational teachers who use PowerPoint in the classroom and are thought to number 6 million around the world (source: powerpointinfo.blogspot.com).